The Jardim Botanico store has undergone Kelving LAB's Light Branding® and Light Coloring® consultancy after the successful results from the store in Ipanema. "The ambience is so nice that people feel good but they can't really tell why. What was missing was really just shining some light over the label" says Branca Lee, partner at Empório Jardim.  


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Light Branding® - Kelving LAB

Photos - Marcos Reis 

"The results were so impressive that it took us less than six months to decide on going through with a second project, now on our first store" concludes Branca Lee.

That is, in fact, the goal: augmenting the perception of quality makes room for increase in sales and merchandise appreciation. "There's been a 33% increase in sales in this store alone after the lighting upgrade" according to Iona Rothstein, Branca's business partner.


Removing the traditional "cold-light" on shelves and windows and replacing it with lights that bring up the products' real colors led to an average 35% increase in bread and pastries sales after Light Coloring® was deployed.