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Repeatedly elected the best breakfast in town, and even in the whole country, Empório Jardim has had substantial improvement in customer experience with Kelving LAB's Light Branding® services.


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Light Branding® - Kelving LAB

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"Through the different times of the day people look for different welcoming atmospheres " says Branca Lee, founding partner at Empório Jardim. 

"We've had a boost in sales because we're showcasing products as they are. That's the coolest part" shares Iona Rothstein, founding partner at Empório Jardim.

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Welcoming clients with more suggestions and less impositions is the house's motto. Expanding that hospitality to the ambience was possible, thanks to Light Branding® with the right light at the right time in synch with the client's experience.

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Here, breakfast is served 24h, combined with the other meals of the house. We adapted lighting, according to the 24h of our biological clock while respecting customers' different rhythms in different periods of a day. 

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