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The restaurant promises "real food" with fresh ingredients in exclusive, contemporary recipes.  Working alongside architecture Vicente Giffoni and with LD Studio in charge of lighting design we identified the main attributes to fit every time slot.  The different atmospheres configured for Fresh&Good's Light Branding® project allow it to entirely transform itself during its working hours, reaching different customers for each time of the day.

Architecture and Interior Design - Vicente Giffoni Arquitetura

Lighting Design - LD Studio

Light Branding® - Kelving LAB    

Photos - André Nazareth

During brunch or after dark, the place makes good use of our Branding Experience through the 24 hours of the day.

The space overlooking the outdoors needed its lighting in synch with Ipanema's natural light. The balcony is an extension of the beach and the restaurant's bar and hall should not miss out on that privilege.

Fresh Site 2

Fresh&Good's Light Branding® allows their brand to gracefully fulfill its purpose while working throughout the distinct time slots.

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