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Initiating a dynamic lighting system while aligning the company's aggressive goals with the workers and partners' physiological and psychological demands allowed for outstandingly improved performance.  Just one month after the system activation, the numbers from Light Balancing® consulting pointed to an average gain of 90 minutes of productive hour a day, besides an expressive increase of comfort and vitality in the hours spent both in and outside the office. "I noticed an increase in wellness, but there's an increase in productivity as well. Performance has improved", notes Marcelo Sampaio, CEO of Hashdex, a leading resource management company, focused on blockchain and digital assets.

Light Balancing® - Kelving LAB                                                        Photos - Antônio Fonseca Fernandes 

Receiving the right light at the right time is the main condition for regulating our circadian cycle, commonly known as biological clock. Light Balancing® consultancy has adapted the internal environment to the staff's physiological demands of melatonin and cortisol production. As a result, Partners and employees start to produce more with lower physical and mental wear.

Rapidly perceiving Hashdex's general improvement in productivity showed managers a ROI (return on investment) well above the average in investments of another nature.


The possibility to yield more easily in the morning, maintain the energy after lunch and restore tranquility at the end of the day renews people's relationship with their work. Improved engagement and interaction between the team led to a significant increase in the company's productivity. 


Part of the physiological effects presented direct impact on the daily habits of the employees. "I practically cut off the coffee, but without planning", says Bruno Souza, a partner at the company.