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A store where good furniture design creates different environments could not fail to adapt to the different atmospheres over the course of a day.

During diagnosis we outlined the sales procedure and, alongside the partners, came to the conclusion that the products on display needed two different stages.

The first one highlights the objects while attracting the eyes of customers and architects. Having sparked people's interest, sales process enters the experimenting phase.

Architecture - Paulo Mendes da Rocha 

Interiors/renovation - Ivan Rezende Arquitetura 

Lighting Design - LD Studio + MS+M Associados

Potentisation - Kelving Lab

Photos - Andrés Otero 

Generous diffuse light fills up the space adapting to natural light while accent lighting provides glow and contrast on points of interest. Products are highlighted and the ensemble is enriched in a much better customer experience.   

A generosa luz difusa preenche o espaço da loja adequando-se à iluminação natural, enquanto uma iluminação pontual confere brilho e contraste em pontos de interesse. Os produtos são destacados e o conjunto é valorizado em uma experiência de consumo mais completa.   

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Novo Horizonte SP
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Novo Horizonte SP